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Account Holders' Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Mac Credit

How can I apply for Mac Credit?

See your local Mac Tools Distributor to fill out a quick and easy application. In a matter of minutes, you can use your new Mac Credit to purchase everything from apparel, to tools, to storage.

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What are the key benefits of my account?
  • Generous, dedicated credit lines based on creditworthiness
  • Low minimum monthly payments or weekly payments on the truck
  • No annual fee
  • Ability to finance all purchases using Mac Credit- no minimum purchase requirements
  • Accepted at all Mac Distributors
  • Quick, subsequent purchases without additional paperwork
  • Free Online Account Management
  • Joint Applicants
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What is a Joint Applicant?

A joint applicant is a person who intends to apply for joint credit and will receive the benefit of the loan. A joint applicant enables Customers with little or no credit history to apply for Mac Credit with the support of a joint applicant. All joint applicants are equally responsible for any balances on the account.

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If I am declined, can I appeal the decision?

Yes. You may need to provide additional information such as a bank reference, financial statements and/or tax returns.

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Can I use my new account immediately?

Yes. You can begin making purchases upon approval.

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Making Purchases

Where can I use Mac Credit?

You can use your account with any Mac Tools participating Distributor or online at

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Can I make purchases on with Mac Credit?

Yes, you can purchase with Mac Credit online.

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What can I purchase with Mac Credit?

You can purchase any Mac Tools product that your participating Mac Tools Distributor sells.

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How do I request a credit line increase?

Please contact Mac Credit Monday - Sunday (8am - 10pm ET) at 1-866-936-0601 or send an email to

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Terms and Conditions

What is the interest rate on Mac Credit?

A variable Annual Percentage Rate will be assigned to your account upon approval. This variable rate is based on the Prime Rate. See your Initial Disclosure Statement provided at application for details.

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How do I change or obtain general information about my Mac Credit account?

To change your billing address or phone number; to ask questions about your billing statement or payments; call Customer Service at 1-866-936-0601. You may also check your balance, recent transactions and payment activity by using Online Account Management via

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Is there an annual fee on Mac Credit?

No. Mac Credit does not have an annual fee.

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Making Payments

Where should I send my payments?

You will have 4 options to make a payment, which are all listed on your billing statement. For additional information, please call Customer Service at 1-866-936-0601.

  1. Online via the Mac Credit Customer Portal (FREE)
  2. Phone by calling Mac Credit 1-866-936-0601 (FREE)
  3. Mail payments to:
    Dept #3025
    PO Box 2153
    Birmingham AL 35287-3025
    *Please write your Mac Credit account number on your check to avoid any interruption with the payment processing.
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Can I pay the Distributor directly for purchases made with Mac Credit?


Whom do I contact regarding errors on my Mac Credit bill?

In case of errors or questions about your billing statement, please contact Mac Credit directly at 1-866-936-0601.

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Can I make weekly payments on Mac Credit?


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Can I make payments via ACH or direct debit?

Yes, you may make payments using direct debit. We can accept payments via ACH. If a account holder would like to initiate an ACH transfer from their bank, Mac Credit will provide them the account information necessary to do so.

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What is the minimum payment on my account?

Your repayment will be amortized over 65 months.

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