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Customer Benefits

  • Competitive Interest Rates: Mac Tools Customers who use Mac Credit take advantage of low, competitive rates. Mac Tools provides the best quality tools at the best quality rates.
  • Open Line of Credit: Once Mac Tools Customers have been approved for a Mac Credit Account, they can use it for all of their Mac Tools purchasing needs. There is no need to re-apply every time you make a purchase
  • Increased Purchasing Power: Generous, dedicated credit limits and competitive APRs gives you the credit you need to purchase.
  • Dedicated Credit Line: When you purchase using your Mac Credit Account, business purchases will be separate from personal spending.
    This will be especially valuable to you at tax time.
  • 100% of the Purchase Can Be Financed: By putting all purchases on this account, you will be able to free up cash or bank lines of credit for other expenses, providing more capital for you and your business.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Customers who choose Mac Credit will receive the flexibility of making low minimum monthly payments or weekly payments on the truck, paying the balance in full or making any size payment in between.