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Effective 2/1/2014

Mac Credit - Our Commitment

Mac Credit has a to protecting the confidentiality of our clients' personal information. We believe it is helpful to have an overview of how this commitment is applied as Mac Credit collects, uses and protects your information when you interact with us.

Our Information-Sharing Practices Apply to:

We Collect Information from:

We May Disclose the Information Described Above to:

Mac Credit - Online Privacy

Mac Credit is committed to protecting the confidentiality of our clients' personal and financial information. We believe it is helpful to have an overview of how this commitment is applied as Mac Credit collects, uses, and protects your personal information when you interact with us online.

The Types of Information We Collect

When you visit a Mac Credit website or otherwise interact with us online, we may collect navigational and engagement information, such as pages visited and average time spent on a particular page. We may also collect technical information concerning your computer browser type, IP address, or the presence of any software necessary to view our site, as well as information about the computer you use to access secure pages. This is done to help us analyze our site and enhance your experience, to alert you of any possible software compatibility issues as well as helping us to make decisions about how various technologies are used on our site. In some cases, we may also use this information to help protect the security of your personal and account information.

How It's Used

When you or your representative provides personal information on applications, forms, and electronic messaging, we use it for many purposes, including processing transactions on your account, responding to product applications and questions, and to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Mac Credit maintains strict policies against the unauthorized disclosure or use of client information and has extensive safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Mac Credit and its online advertising and marketing partners may use cookies, beacons, JavaScript, and other technologies to understand the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing on, and through Mac Credit digital advertising (such as interacting with a Mac Credit ad on a third-party site, or through a search engine or Mac Credit email), to develop content and/or offers to better serve our clients, and to personalize your experience.

These tracking tools may be anonymous or encrypted, and in most cases do not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address. We may use these technologies to individually identify your interaction with our emails, including your opening of emails and reading content linked to in the emails.

Other Sites

Please note this website may link to other websites operated by third-parties or related entities that may have different data collection and usage policies. You should carefully refer to the privacy policies of these web sites as they may not be governed by this Privacy Statement.

Opt Out

You have the right to limit when we may share information about you. You may also tell us when not to send you solicitations.

You may exercise one or more of your opt-out choices described. Call us toll free: 1-866-871-6783.

Please have your account numbers available.

If you have a joint account, your opt out applies to every person on the account. If you have multiple accounts with us (e.g., another credit card account, car loan, money market), you must opt out separately for each account.


In the event we make changes to this Privacy Statement, we will post the revised Privacy Statement here and provide notice that an update has been made at any link on our web site to this Privacy Statement.